MaoDao Community Ecosystem – Beta

The economic carrier of the MaoDao ecosystem’s activities is comprised of various Perks (such as product benefits, IRL events, NFTs, etc.) and Ecosystem Points(Mao Points). Perks are categorized into three tiers. Each RPC (Ready Player Cat) NFT is granted a certain quantity of Perks (which can be viewed in the Your Perks Balance section at The quantity of Perks is renewed annually. For additional Perks, one can exchange them using ecosystem Points (Mao Points).

  • Each year, RPC NFTs can be granted with a certain quantity of Perks.
  • Ecosystem Points (Mao Points) and Perks exchanged using these points are tied to the address and will not be transferred with the RPC NFT.


Accumulation of Ecosystem Points (Mao Points, specific point values to be announced): 

  • Completing the community “registration form” (see pinned official tweet);
  • Registering an account on “猫岛 Mao Island”  (currently under development);
  • Actively participating in community events and interactions, including but not limited to claiming community promotional Perks (e.g., those offered by Smart Layer Network);
  • Online community activities (Twitter Space, AMA, and community based creative contests, claiming various POAPs, etc.);
  • Organizing or participating in IRL events;
  • Contributing articles to MaoDao, sharing knowledge or experience, or assisting other community members;
  • Becoming a moderator for the upcoming MaoDao forums “猫刀 Mao Blade” and “猫叨 Mao Chatter” (stay tuned);
  • …and more.


Utilization of Ecosystem Points (Mao Points):

  • Exchanging for Perks of different tiers.
  • Redeeming for certain community rights and privileges within the community.


During the testing period (estimated until the end of December 2023):

Address holding RPCs (regardless of quantity) will be granted an initial quantity of Perks:

  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 2
  • Tier 3: Unlimited

Given the finite availability of some Perks projects, and the granted Perks will reset annually (the next reset date is January 1, 2024), there might be cases where Perks become void if not claimed.

Ecosystem Points (Mao Points) and the Perks which have been exchanged using points will not be reset.

The snapshot will be taken on January 1, 2024. During the snapshot, if an address holds multiple RPCs, the Perks quantity will still be calculated based on a single RPC.

To claim a certain Perk during a year, an address needs to hold at least one RPC. Addresses that acquire RPCs in the middle of a year won’t receive the free Perk, but they can earn Points and exchange them for Perks.

When an address no longer holds RPCs, both its Points and Perks will be erased.

The community ecosystem will be continually refined. The final interpretation rights belong to the operation team of MaoDao, HG Labs.

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